Short demo of my battery powered 40+4+8hp eurorack modular synthesizer.

Shapeshifter is modulated by planar2, X & Y controlling FM ratio, FM amount, as well as Shape 1 & 2. Disting mk4 is in tape delay mode. Shapeshifter outs, and tape delay are sent into planar ABCD, and planar mix is sent into disting tape delay. Shapeshifter is doing just a basic FM patch.

The eurorack case is a harddrive case with 40hp rails added. The power supply runs off USB and can run for hours off a large 20000mAh battery, so consider me available for forest drone party bookings.

Yes the disting and rosie are attached with duct tape at the moment, I am still prototyping the remaining mounts for those modules.

Hiss is likely because I recorded the audio a bit too low and had to compress/normalize in audacity. No other post processing has been done.