Braids Renaissance

Braids Renaissance is an alternate firmware for the (discontinued) Mutable Instruments Braids eurorack module.

It adds the following algorithms to Braids:

  • Software Automated Mouth, also known as SAM. The classic robotic text-to-speech engine originally written for the Commodore 64.
  • 6xsaw, 6xsquare, 6xtriangle, 6xsine. 6 oscillators starting at the 1v/oct input, spaced evenly across the currently selected quantize scale. Color controls the number of scale steps between oscillators, and Timbre scans through various amplitude settings for the 6 oscillators. When the Braids quantizer is turned off, the oscillators are evenly spaced by semitones (controlled by Color)

No existing features from Braids 1.9 have been removed (except the text editor, sorry!)


This video shows the typical sounds coming from the SAM algorithm.

This audio sample demonstrates typical sounds from the 6x algorithm.

This firmware is in BETA, and no warranty is implied by me or by the original vendor of the hardware. Use at your own risk! That being said, Mutable Instrument’s firmware loader is pretty resilient so if you load the firmware, even if something goes wrong, it is unlikely that your module will be bricked.


The latest release is 0.3.

To install, download and unzip the firmware WAV file and follow the Braids firmware update procedure from the Braids manual.

To uninstall Braids Renaissance, use the same procedure to upload the original Braids firmware.

You can find the Braids Renaissance code here.


Jan 25, 2018 - Braids Renaissance first public beta release.


There are three SAM entries in the oscillator model list, named SAM1 to SAM3. Each of these SAM models contain 16 different words.

SAM is configured to work similarly to a granular sampler. By changing Timbre, you “scrub” through the word selected by Color. With Timbre at 0 position, SAM is playing the first grain of the current word. With Timbre fully clockwise, SAM is playing the last grain of the current word. The speed of an envelope can control how fast SAM says the word, independent of the pitch.

If you send SAM a trigger it will automatically play the word, starting from the current grain, at the “natural” speed of the word. In this situation, the pitch input controls both the speed and pitch of the output.

Color switches between the 16 words in the current SAM patch. Each of the SAM oscillator models differ only by their words.


Braids Renaissance is released for free without warranty implied.

Please post in the Muffwiggler thread and I will try to help you solve your issues.

Please DO NOT contact Mutable Instruments for support with Renaissance.


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This project stands on the shoulders of many giants.

Thanks to Olivier Gillet not just for the huge contributions to open source, but also for very accurate and detailed feedback on an earlier version of this firmware.

Thanks to Vidar Hokstad and Sebastian Macke for their work reverse engineering SAM from the original C64 binary.

Thanks to the authors of SAM for an inspiring piece of software that has made me question what as possible since I was a kid.