I managed to add the Kammerl beat repeat effect into the Clouds Parasites alt-firmware.

Sadly when I opened the PR I found out Clouds Parasites is no longer being maintained.

The code’s still there, and someone did an unofficial build of the firmware in the Kammerl MuffWiggler thread. I didn’t release that so no guarantee on build quality.

I don’t really want to create a new alt-firmware that needs to track Kammerl, Parasites, and Mutable Instruments firmware updates, especially since I consider selling my Clouds on a biweekly basis. So I tried taking the Kammerl firmware and adding my favourite bits. Interestingly, when porting just Resonestor out of Parasites and into Kammerl, the heap size made the build 608 bytes over the RAM allocation. Not sure what Parasites is doing to reduce RAM usage. Possibly reducing the number of active grains or something like that.