Time for a quick update. How have you been?

After a successful fundraising, I added MPE support to Spectrum.

I’ve released a number of useful Mozaic scripts.

I properly fixed a MIDI timing bug that’s existed on x0xb0x since it was released 10+ years ago. I now have my own x0xb0x OS variant based on Sokkos 1.9.1, with a few added tweaks.

I’ve started getting a bit into video synthesis. I built a MIDI-controlled Arduino-based CHA/VES sort of VGA synthesizer. Unfortunately the Arduino was too slow to process incoming MIDI as well as generate cool oscillations. I may try again with a Teensy 4.0 soon, though.

Speaking of CHA/VES, I sourced most of the BOM parts for the v3 of the boards from Digikey/Aliexpress.

I’ve been spending a lot of my free time lately working on an acid/electro live set. Here’s what it sounded like as of a few weeks ago. Roland TR606, x0xb0x, and Octatrack through a BugBrand Stereo Compressor. Once this is around 30 minutes I’m going to start looking for live set bookings around town.

Thanks for following! Tom